Testing Materials

Assessment Testing to Ensure
Comprehensive Understanding of Technical Topics

With over 35+ years of test-writing experience, you can trust Schoolcraft Publishing to deliver quality testing materials. Our testing options are available in two formats, placement tests (pre-tests) and final exams (post-tests). Placement and assessment testing is a great way for instructors to gauge the knowledge level of their students and trainees at the beginning of and at the completion of a series.

Placement Tests (pre-tests)

Our Placement Tests are designed to evaluate your trainee’s knowledge of the subject matter in a complete Schoolcraft course before they begin the program. By doing so, some trainees may be able to “test out” of certain parts of your program, saving both time and money. Other trainees will learn that they know less than they thought about certain subjects, providing an incentive to study what they otherwise might think is beneath them.

Download the complete list of our available Placement Tests and packages.

Final Exams (post-tests)

At the end of a course, final exams (post-tests) will assess the student’s understanding of the course material. There are five questions per lesson presented in the book. Each question is objective (multiple choice), straightforward (one and only one correct answer), and comprehensive. The question stems are clear and concise and the distracters are all plausible answers. All distractors are listed in alphabetical or numerical order so the student cannot “psych-out” the test.

Chapter quiz questions and answers are also available upon request.


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