PowerPointTM Presentation Materials

PowerPointTM Presentations and Animations
that Drive Retention of Key Technical Concepts in your Curriculum

Schoolcraft Publishing offers both PowerPoints presentations and Animated PowerPoints to supplement your technical curriculum materials. These PowerPoint Presentations are designed to be adaptable so you can fit them into your current lecture.


PowerPointTM Presentations

These PowerPoint presentations provide the artwork from Schoolcraft textbooks in a digital format for use in your class lectures. Slides and images can be put into your current lecture presentations or used alone as a visual aid. The high quality images used on these slides, are numbered to easily identify their location from within the corresponding technical textbook. These PowerPoint slides are also available as Transparency Masters.

Download our complete list of Textbook Specific PowerPoints Here

PowerPointTM Animations

Our dynamic and animated PowerPoint presentations cover 5 topic areas: AC/DC drives, electrical, mechanical, hydraulic, and pneumatic systems. These slides bring your presentations to life by demonstrating the principles you are teaching.

  • Create "aha" moments as students can see complex principles in action.
  • Build strong student retention of important concepts.
  • Add these customizable slides to current presentations to create a tailored learning experience for students.
  • Introduce narrated animations to your curriculum to help students review and prepare for exams.

Download our complete list of PowerPoint Animations Here



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